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Pics with new tint

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Just got tinted with Hüper Optik 20%, (tint shops piss me off, another story)
So I thought I would snag the sunset up on lookout mountain. Enjoy, unaltered.

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Lookin sweet!

I'm considering going darker on my tint as well, we shall see! I like the way lighter color cars look with darker windows :)

Sick pics too
Fig, lookin good! Tint really makes the F look awesome. Thanks for sharin' the pics.
Looks great, most of our customer's are tinting them becuase it makes the car look SO much better !!
looks greatt yeah thats true lighter car colors needs dark tints, but i believe dark color cars maybe 30% should do it
Dude, what camera did you use? Looks professional!!!
you took off the back plate or didnt come in yet?
no plates yet and sticker in on the front window.

Still figuring out what the plate should say.

"F D"

Camera, DSC-R1 Sony with Carl Zeiss
Pics of my own

Those are some nice pics man. Here are some of mine. The dealership had the white one or the black one. I picked the black one. Looks like I would have been just as happy with the white.
I love the black, but for product devlopment, nothing beats the blank canvas look of white :)
Hey Fig & kcb (and everyone else..) I've a question:
I'm REALLY torn between ordering Obsidian or Starfire. Opposites, yes, but both are simply stunning! I do know that i have a black mustang now, its beautiful, but a pain to keep looking good- dust, water spots, etc..
I have never owned a white car- so i'd like opinions on the "keep clean factor"? Anyone else? Nicks pics always make me want black- but i would like a lower maintenance finish too... Can any of you give me your opinion- what you have, would do again, or do instead, etc? Thanks!
I personally love the lighter color vehicles. My previous vehicle was black and it was a pain in the a$$ to keep clean (especially since I'm OCD about my cars). Once I picked up the mercury metallic I loved it and it's so easy to keep clean it's not even funny.

I don't know if I would go back to a darker color car again although most cars in black are gorgeous. It all depends on what your looking for. There are ton's of individuals who swear by black cars and wouldn't own anything else :)
I had one black car...a GS300. pain to keep clean. The thing I like about the pearl white is that it shows off the lines of the car and it can be cleaned pretty easy. Also, you actually get it clean without leaving stuff behind like you can on a black car. I am pretty happy with the white so far. Silver would hav ebeen my first choice, but white one me over when I thought about carbon fiber.
Still torn...
The good news? I win either way!!

I agree with Black being a pain in the a$$ to keep clean. It's like you drive it once and you have to clean it again. I love the look so it is worth the pain to keep clean. The current weather conditions here make it a little hard to do that right now but hopefully I will wash the "F" soon.
I had a Black IS250 will never do a black car again, especially on a Lexus, the white is so much eisier to keep clean, Ditto on the lines factor, the side vent and other things seemed to blend in on a black car not really eye catching but on the white those accents really stand out. Also make sure you get clear bra, on the black one I did not opt for it and rock chips left a grey undercoat which was way too noticeable. Good Luck .....but White FTW!
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