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pics of my smoky granite mica

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I finally washed, waxed, and plexus'ed up my ISF.

The pictures were taken on my 7 year old digital camera so they aren't the best, but you get the idea. :)

Also included a pic of my is300.

ok... i stopped struggling trying to resize the pictures to be able to upload them here and just put them up on picasa.
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Smoky Granite on the IS F looks great. Nice pics. I miss my old IS300.
Gorgeous! What percentage is your tint?

I don't remember exact percentages. I got "medium tint" on the 4 side windows and "dark tint" on the back window.
The same as on the is300. I think its something like 30-35% and 18% respectively.
Never had any problems with it driving in LA.
Love this color, kinda regret not getting this color over my mercury silver.. sigh
Great colour ;)
I also want smoked windows on my grey ISF, good to see what it looks like.
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