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About three weeks back started searching for company to install clear bra on my 2011 IS-F, one shop was just way to expensive another just blow me off when I arrived, got pissed and walkout. I finally came across Executive Paint Protection and it's owner Doug what great guy extremely knowledgeable and straight forward. Once I explanded to him what i was looking for he began to review the different films available such as 3M, Venture, Xpel, Clear Steel and the pros and cons of each film. We then went over pricing and Doug was aggressive on his pricing very very reasonable no need to resort to hangling over the price. Doug then demonstrated how they apply film on RS4 they where doing for customer, he then walked me thur steps they take when applying Clear Bra

1. since it winter they first warm the entire body of car.
2. they wash your car.
3. they wax and seal entire car no matter the size of job your doing.
4. apply Clear Bra.
5. once again they heat your entire car up ensuring all liquid used to apply film has evaporated
6. quick detailing again including rims and tires.

I elected to go with new product called Clear Steel it's like the 3M and Ventura combined the hardness of 3M but without orange peel and top coat finish but flexible easier to work with more like Ventura it comes impregnated with Clear Coat finish and easy to maintain as well. Here are the location that were coved. Hood, front bumper, mirrors, leading edges of fenders, rear section of front fenders by brake ducts, lower portion rear quarter panels, headlights and fog lights. All together I spent about 2 hours at his shop B.S. about cars Doug a really cool guy.

The install, I dropped my car off at 9am on Wednesday morning and my car was ready by 5pm Thursday afternoon and what job the car came out perfect I'm extremely happy with install I highly recommend them.

Enjoy pics Dave

Car Vehicle Wheel Blue Grille

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Blue

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Hood Blue Grille

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Blue
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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