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Picked up some cnc machines, taking requests for interior mods

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Hey guys I picked up a bunch of cnc machines at an auction and wanted to know if anybody had any ideas for interior parts for the IS-F? Since I own one myself, I can test and fit anything I want.

I'm hoping to be able to replace some of the cheaper plastic parts in the car with some nicely finished, sand blasted and anodized aluminum parts. I'd be glad to machine some stuff for anybody that has any ideas.

It seems like there is a demand for a high quality iPhone/iPod holder so I'm looking into that.
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yes a iphone holder in the ashtray
anything that makes me use the ashtray lol
its a useless space now
I'd be in for an iphone holder as well. No need for an ashtray.
unless you are a smoker & smokes inside your F, then the ashtray is a waste of space.... so the Iphone Holder would be nice!
Few problems, some people are using VAIS / Lexus Interface, and some people still want to use their iPhone with the AUX connection while charging. This can all be done, just need to figure it out.

I'd like to make this installation simple so I've ordered a few different cables and splitters I'm going to toy with.

The ashtray will still be closable with a the dock feature. There are a few cheap models out, but I've read several complaints.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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