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Photo Shoot

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Had a shoot done a couple days ago......


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Nice. Those shoes are huge.
Can't get cleaner than that~! Wanna polish my car :D
Thanks and no, one black car is certainly enough. I am pleased with how the shoot turned out but wished it was a few hours later in the day. I feel the contrast would have been better.
Nice. Those shoes are huge.
Thanks, I feel the stance fits well.
My personal preference...I'm not feeling the rims. But the pics are sweet and the car looks great. Very cool car and pics.
Really liked the pics and a perfectly suited background... is it an airport or what?
Yes, it is a local municipal airport. The jet is owned by the guy that runs the airport. He jumped at the thought of being part of the shoot and has a copy on his wall. It made my day for sure.
Thanks guys, the day went well. The only thing I had wished was a little less sun.
Time for new rotors bud
Figs /Racing Brakes two piece rotors were installed a few weeks after this shoot.
Nice ISF ...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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