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Passport 9500ci

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anyone has this unit installed?
check it out here
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Heard great things about this system and what it can do. I have the 9500xi unit and love it so I don't think this one would be far off laser and radar detection wise.

To give you another option to research and look at if you haven't already is the calibre k40. I know a few people have this on their F's
the laser defuser sounds like a jammer which i believe is illegal in california.
It is a jammer. I didn't know they were illegal in Cali. Good to know though. The Passport 9500ci is a great radar detector with great radar and laser range. It also isn't too loud and annoying like some other ones on the market. Although it doesn't have the arrows of the V1 it is still a great system :cool:
looking to do this + exhaust this spring...can't make up my mind which one to do first
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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