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Paris Hilton + Lexus LFA = Oh boy....

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I think her boyfriend is more retarded than she is.

I just hope he purchased some driving lessons for her.........

Let's make a poll, how long before this car is totaled?

Popcorn anyone.
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Wow!!! Kills me. Must be nice to be rich. It will be wrecked for sure.
It looks like the yellow demo car, there are no yellow LF-A delivered to a US customer yet as far as I know.
I thought the demo vehicles could not be sold as their VIN is specific
Great. The LF-A's resale value just plummeted big-time!
Haha I saw this too! it's actually pretty funny that not only does Paris Hilton have one of the first LFAs to arrive in the US, but also that she has one of only rougly 500 ever being made. I sure hope she doesn't ruin this beautiful car, but I agree the resale value will probably be though the roof! Even though this car is yellow it's no lemon.

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The idea seems as if your yellowish test automobile, there are simply no yellowish LF-A shipped to a YOU customer yet where I understand.
I imagined your test automobiles can't become distributed while their particular VIN will be distinct.
Yeas she is indeed pregnant.
Unless she wants to give rise to some fake speculations which she excels in.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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