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Paparazzi-like experience

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So I just got back from lunch and am at a traffic light (the 2nd car from the front). A car is coming up behind me and swings around to the next lane (is the first car in his lane). Next thing I see...passenger and rear windows come down and 2 blackberry's stick out and they start snapping pics. It felt pretty sweet.

Last time I felt like that was back in September when I'm at a traffic light with the windows down and some guy starts talking to me (he's going the other way and just stopped his car in the middle of the street). He's laughing and said "You're making me look bad" - he was driving an IS350. I started laughing as well.

Two encounters...both were sweet.

Anyone got any good stories of random people in aw of the F?
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My IS-F is smoky granite so I think it is a lot more stealth than the other colors. I've noticed a couple of people checking it out on the highway, but that is all I've seen.

My wife had the mechanic at a gas station ask her questions about it, which really got her flustered. She was able to remember what year it was at least :) She was really afraid to drive the car at first, but I think she enjoys it now.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Two guys in a CTS rolled down their windows and gave me two thumbs up while I was on the freeway to Santa Barbara. On the way back, I passed a convoy of school busses, and the last one had a sign posted on the back window that says "You are HOT!" as I passed by.
Another day on my way home, three guys in a Montecarlo went beside me and complimented my car. They even motioned me to hit the gas, but I didn't - too many cars around.
Another day, at the gas station, the gas boy approached me and said "Sorry, I just have to look at it closely! That's a badass car!"
The other IS350 owners I encounter on the freeway, slowly creep up behind me and just stare. They wouldn't dare pass me, lol!
I had something similar to this last year around 04/25/08 about a month into owning the F..Basically me and few friends went to see Baby Mama at the theaters..And guess what? Right before trailers they were playing 4 IS-F commercials..I was already pumped..I could hear guys talking about the F while the commercials are going..Now the BEST PART is when all of us are leaving the parking garage after the movie is over but bunch of people are stuck in traffic trying to leave the theater while stuck lot of people in their cars are looking at my F..:D I guess they never thought they would see it upfront..I see girls checking it out and young guys in their BMW's looking at the F..:D :D
Another one is about July08 me and few friends went to get some ice cream at Cold Stone I see this guy with 3 girls sitting around the bench when he see's me pulling up with the F it must of made him miserable b/c he was staring at me with a dirty look the whole time b/c he's female friends were talking about the F..The Best part is he had a lexus too, but it's was 93-95 LS400 with rims, at the same time me and my friends were leaving the Cold Stone the girls kept on looking at the F while he was disgusted.:D
Personally I don't know why he was mad, b/c I would of been happy with company of 3 women..:confused:
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For me it's funny to see tricked up cars on my mirror following the F, and coming into a traffic light they stay beside you but in the blind spot. You're curious only to see them pretending to fiddle with their radio or cel phone, but you know in reality that they are looking at the F.
OK, this is marginally off-topic, but when my girlfriend and I were driving through Oregon back in 1998 in my '93 RX-7, we were followed for a while by some younger couple in an older, Japanese sports car. Didn't think much of it until we got to a rest stop to take a break. They followed us. As we were getting out of the car they stopped their car right behind us, got out, and were waving and bowing at us, as if we were royalty. (We're not!!!) Third-gen RX-7s were fairly rare (and beautiful) and I guess they were big fans. We felt like movie stars the rest of the day.
Well I think having someone with blackberries taking photo's is pretty cool. Mostly I have been getting alot of thumbs up and waves. Yesterday, on my way to work I saw a 300c coming up fast in the right lane.... It was 7 am and I just got on the free way. I was like crap this guy wants a go....He pulled upside and just kept waving and giving me thumbs up. Also lots of thumbs up from a guy on a ninja. My is f is red so it definietly turns heads. I LOVE IT!:D
I've seen younger guys in the parking lot where I work snapping photos. I guess it's somewhat justified since I haven't passed one on the road yet and I've owned the F since last august.
I get a lot of looks/compliments driving around the Bronx, where I work. About 2 months ago I pulled along side a SLR McLaren roadster at a red light...they start at 495k. He didn't look at me.
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