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Paid Research Study for Lexus Owners

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My company, Qualvu, is a Denver based research firm. We're conducting a research study with people who recently bought a 2012/2013 Lexus RX, and in the process of selecting their vehicle, considered and rejected the 2013 Acura RDX. The study is a video based question and answer session. It takes place online and you will film yourself answering our questions using a webcam. You can use your own webcam for the study, or we can send you one. The study is very easy and user friendly- it take approximately 2 hours (total) and we pay you $100. We will send you a check or pay you via paypal. You do not have to do the whole study at once, you can break it up and do a little bit each day.

If interested, please answer a few questions at the following link: HTTP : //www . truepanel . com/uc/project_manager/2fe3/

Please call me personally if you have any further questions. My name is Madie, and my phone number is 303-6340-6216. Also, if you don't qualify, but you know someone who would, let us know and we'll pay you $10 for referring someone who qualifies and participates.

Thank you!
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