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Other Driver Behaviors ???

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The IS-F drives other drivers crazy. Don't know if it's intimidation or jealousy but people sure exhibit many different behaviors. EXAMPLE: With just 600 MILES on my Silver/Black F no less that 7 driver of "no competition cars" have tried to get me to hammer it and race them! When I get to 1000 Miles I just may have to give in occasionally! (Keep me out of trouble PLEASE Valentine One Radar Detector)

What other Behaviors are other F owners experiencing?
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Intersting. I mostly get stares or thumbs up, even from >

the BMW crowd. Once in a while some young guy in a Ford Muscan't tries to race but I just point and laugh and that usually cures that quickly!

One of the things about having the best or one of the best, really can't knock the M3 or M5 except for the I Drive and over sticker price they are asking, is that you don't have to constantly prove it.
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