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One step closer to the IS-F

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Well, my Aristo's new owner should come to pick it up before Christmas so I am now looking for an IS-F

There are 3 ones available in my price range at the moment but I am not sure which one to go for. They all have the same specs/options
My personal preference for the color is Mercury Metallic > Starfire Pearl > Smoky Granite > Obsidian Black (we don't have UltraSonic Blue in Europe for 08-09 IS-F)

- Mileage 7 000km, first registration 06/2008, SGM, full options at a car trader for 49 900€
- Mileage 30 000km, first registration 04/2008, Mercury Metallic, full options at a Toyota/Lexus dealer for 49 900€
- Mileage 5000km, first registration 01/2009, Starfire Pearl, full options at a Lexus dealer for 55 500€

Obviously the first one would be the best choice but I am a bit concerned that it is not sold by a Lexus dealer and for such a car I think it would be safer.
The second one would be my choice for the color and the fact that it is a Lexus dealer however with that mileage it seems pricey compared to the others
The 3rd one is a bit more expensive but it is at Monaco which is one of the few reputable Lexus dealers in France

What is your opinion?
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i'd go for the starfire pearl....... and the second one is way too expensive i think. thats alot of km....
Make sure to ask for maintenance records, check out the car, see how much left on the tires, Do they have something like a Carfax report in Europe?
Mercury Metallic ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!! But with less miles :(
If your worried about the 1st one see if they are willing to let you have the car inspected before purchase.
That is what I will do, I will go there with a mechanic and have him inspect the car.
Do they have something like a Carfax report in Europe?
We don't have anything similar in France unfortunately.
Mercury Metallic ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!! But with less miles :(
That's what I would like :p
Get the Starfire. :D It has the least miles and looks to be the newest!
StarFire Pearl !!! :cool:
great color, lower kilometers :D
First one is the best idea if you are really stretching your wallet to buy an IS-F. If you have the money, go with the starfire, because the 09 has that nice black dash.

My dealer said there are a ton of crashed/rebuilt IS-Fs circulating, so definitely do your DD if you pick up the first one.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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