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One less ISF on the road - Totaled.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm not going to get into the specific details, but suffice it to say, I was in a terrible accident with the ISF. I was the only one involved, and thankfully, I was able to walk away with only a sore shoulder.
Here's some crappy pictures from my camera phone of the aftermath:

Insurance company declared the car a total loss, and sent me a settlement check.
I just went to my dealership to see if I could work on a deal for 2010, but I don't think I can afford it. Any dealers want to make me a deal? :)

Till then, back to the is300.
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I second the above, glad to hear you are ok. It's amazing how much auto safety has improved over the last decade or so.

I hope you are able to get a new F soon!

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS F
happy you are ok, that looks like one nasty wreck.

it is just a machine, and you are not.
WOW!!!!!!!!!! That is insane....... I am speechless.... Good for you that you only came out with a sore shoulder could've been so much worse!!!!!!!!!! What happened?
Wow, that does look really bad. Mostly importantly, is that you walked away with only a sore shoulder. Hope you can get a new '10 F or something.
The main thing is your ok..The sad part is F is Totalled!!
You always got the option of trying to get a 08 or 09 new or used..
They're very reasonable price right now..Especially with 2010 models out..
I am very glad to hear that you are ok. Those pictures show evidence of an exciting ride (not in a good way).
Sorry to hear that about your loss. Perhaps you can strike a deal on a pre owned 08 or 09?
what happened?

Care to enlighten us as to how this all came about? What was it? An M class?, Z06, AMG?
Holy s__t! What did you do? You better tell us how it happened or you'll be charged with mistreating or manhandling and F.
Wow, that does look like a nasty accident. The body was in pretty tough shape, but it seems that structurally the ISF can take a hell of a beating and remain intact where it counts. Good to know.
Yikes, glad to hear your ok for the most part !! I'm sure you did, but just in case, check with your insurance company, you might have a replacement policy in effect where if you total out your vehicle within the first couple years of ownership, they replace it with a brand new version for you!! I know mine does !!!
Thank God you're okay! Time to reflect on what went wrong and focus on what's more important...
Glad you are OK, that looks like a nightmare.
looks like it can be buffed out... :cool:

glad you're ok. there's used F's around $40k and leftover 08's/09's for about $52+k
Your probably looking for a new IS-F but I was at the dealership buying another IS-F last night and they had an 08 with 6500 miles on it for 53k which I thought was a bit high. I have a feeling they would take 50k for it but I'm not even sure if that's a decent price. It has nav btw.
any idea of what the salvage value is...for the motor and tranny?
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