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Oil Change Service Intervals

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My dealer uses synthetic oil when servicing IS-Fs and LS460s, and has recommended that I only need to come in every 10,000 miles instead of 5,000. I feel ok about letting the oil change go that long, but I'm wondering if there are any other important service "checks" I should be having at the 5,000 mile interval. Any thoughts or opinions on this topic?
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Yes, need to keep an eye on the brakes and tread wear
Anything else that would require a 5000 mile interval service?
From what I gathered from the on-line Lexus Maintenance Menu, the "significant" service interval is every 30,000 miles. This includes REPLACING the oil and oil filter, air conditioner filter, brake fluid, engine air filter and smart key battery. This also includes INSPECTING the brake pad thickness and rotor runout, axle shaft boots, ball joints and dust covers, body, brake lines and hoses, engine coolant, exhaust pipes and mounting, fuel lines and connections, fuel tank band and fuel tank vapor vent system hoses, fuel tank cap gasket, rack and pinion steering assembly, rear differential oil, steering linkage and boots, and transmission for signs of leakage. Therefore, I would conclude that as long as you inspect the brakes and tire tread wear every 5,000 miles, we should be able to limit our oil and filter changes using synthetic oil to every 10,000 miles and do the recommended 30,000 mile service as indicated above.
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