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Anyone have the offsets for the is-f yet. I think it will be helpful for those eager buyers whp want to also purchase rims. So when they get the car they can give her new rims.;)
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The current sizing and offsets that fit the IS350 will fit the IS-F with non problem.
The current sizing and offsets that fit the IS350 will fit the IS-F with non problem.
Thanks for the follow-up Flip. :cool: I think I might have some 20s sitting somewhere at home prior to picking up the IS-F so I can get them installed the day I take the car home. :) We'll see. I might look at getting a set of I-Forged.
Which offset is prefer for race car rim,whether Negative offset backspacing or positive offset backspacing?
Do not believe ISF shares same offset as IS 250/350.

Believe F has +5mm IS spec.
Be careful!

According to Lexus, the same wheels that will fit the IS250/350 will not fit the IS-F, nor will the IS-F wheels fit the IS250/350. I would be cautious of just placing some other wheel on the IS-F. The IS-F wheels are designed for this car and to handle anything that you want to throw its way, and incidentally are unidirectional, so the right front wheel is only for the right front, and can't be swapped for the left front. Do what you want, but keep in mind all of the engineering that went on to design the wheels and even the tires that are on this car.

BTW they look great in my opinion, and they handle fantastic!:cool:
I like the Volk TE' 37's. awesome wheel and very light.
The IS350/250 wheels will not fit !! The IS Sport wheel will not even fit the IS-F. I would be very careful on trying rims other than what's on there because those brakes and calipers are huge. I placed a call into Lexus to get the offset's for us !! I should know by Monday !!
any luck with the offsets bro?
Ok everyone, sorry it took me so long to get this information!! Here is the following information : Offset for the fronts is 45.8 mm, and the rears 55.0 mm.

If looking for snow tires, here is what Lexus recommends for wheel size:
Overall Size : 18 x 7.5
Pitch Circle Diameter : 114.3 mm
Offset: + 40mm
Center Bore : 72.62 mm

225/45/R18XL for the front
255/45/R18XL for the rear

I know the following tires work fine :

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2
Blizzak LM-18

These tires can be ordered thru the dealership !!
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255/45/18 should not be mounted on a 7.5" wheel.

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