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Officially "broken" in. My crash pics

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The wife's first drive of the car without me. I think she jumped of the line at a light and some jackass ran the red on the turn lane infront of her...right into the F. Ah well, so much for white being pure haha

I look at it as an oppty to finally pull that bumper off and start on my front lip spoiler and fogs lights. :)

good think a front bumper is not too much $$ so cold it shattered a bit.

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doh! that just reminds me... never let my wife drive the F! haha
Dang! That sucks!
Glad to see that she (wife) was probably fine. Always could be worse..
Blow any airbags or anything? Hope not..
Yeah what matters most is that your wife is okay, you can always replace the car.
Yeah what matters most is that your wife is okay, you can always replace the car.
True dat, true dat.

It will be fine in the end :)
Oouuuccchh! Fig, I am sorry to see that happen, nothing worse than driving your favorite car around with damage.:( But, I am confident you will have her back on the road again looking new very soon.
Ack! At least it's just the bumper cover...hopefully no internal sheetmetal work involved. The most important thing is that your wife is okay.
Wow, that's unfortunate Fig! Like everyone else said, as long as your wife is ok, thats all that matters, the car and bumper can be replaced. Did it scrape your winter wheels as well? I don't see anything from the picture
Hope this is NOT the case, but you may have upwards of $15K damage internally. I hit a baby deer and it didn't look anywhere near that bad, but with the radiator getting mushed into the frame, new air intakes, stonegard, bumper, paint, and straightening, my insurance co coughed up $8K. Mind you this was at an expensive, Lexus-approved body shop. But still, ouch!

FYI the bumper is like $3K unpainted. If you replace it, make sure they order you the right one (no headlight washers).

Here's what only $8K damage looks like from the outside. The body shop charged ins. an extra hour labor for "hazardous waste removal", lol. As others have said, the wife is ok - that's the only important thing.

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The car was red before right? That is nasty. glad everyone is alright. Question is did you get to keep the deer? Thats good meat. :p
The car was red before right? That is nasty. glad everyone is alright. Question is did you get to keep the deer? Thats good meat. :p
Not trying to thread-jack...but all 80lbs of it spun off the road and over the cliff on the outside of the corner. :eek:
My condolences for both damaged cars. I know the sickening feeling when your new car is an accident.

Glad to hear everyone is ok.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Wow, that sucks for both of you. At least everyone walked away fine. Looks like you hit the shi* outta the deer, literally haha

Sorry to hear and see about the ride. Glad no one got hurt. Please hurry and fix it, I can't stand to know that there is a Starfire Pearl hurt out there. I haven't been driving mine because of the snow. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Yeah I think in my case since it was and off impact, and the wife was stopped in the intersection I am not loking too bad. A tab on the fog light, and a pull of the headlight frame and I think it should be OK. I got prices and I think I can get it fixed under a K :) I think I will start my flat black paint scheme ;)

NOOOOOOO!! The Pearl White F is damaged! I drive VERY DEFENSIVELY on local ways like my life depends on it..B/c once car is damaged the integrity of the vehicle isn't the same..Hope you get it repaired soon..
Wishing you well Dude!:(
Just an fyi...I recently had my front bumper repaired at a high end body shop in L.A. and the bumper itself was only $380. Labor to remove the old bumper and install the new one was approx. $600. I'm not sure what that $3000 figure you mentioned covers, but it seems extremely high to me. Perhaps I'm missing something here?

Also, I agree that the body shop needs to be sure to order the correct bumer (with or without headlamp washers) as mine ordered the wrong one and I then had an extra 2-day wait to get my car back. Ugh.

Anyway, hope your car looks like new now.
Glad she's ok. The F looks just cosmetically damaged but it's nothing that can't be fixed.
total estimate was 3K given a new headlight was in the mix at $998. Not too bad considering a repaint with blend up into the hood and fenders. Gald I did not put a clear bra on :D
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