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Hey guys I know you all seen me around in a few post but at that time I did not own a IS F yet. But now it's official, I finally got my 2008 Mercury Metallic IS F on March 21st. They didn't have the smokey granite mica, but the pricing they were willing to do was too good to pass on. For my fully loaded IS F they were willing to do it for $48,680. I bought it from Prestige Lexus. They have a black demo fully loaded and a base matador red left both are 2008 model. If you're interested send me a pm and I'll give you the sales consultant's info.
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congrats. I just found out yesterday that the production date for my '09 is in May. :( ooooh well :D
Hey Crazee, an official welcome to you! Congrats on your new car. I look forward to your stories. Great deal on an 08', what was the MSRP on on it and did it have some miles on it before you bought it?

Finally and congrats! :)
Congrats on your F!

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Thankyou everyone. My F came with headlamp washers, navi/mark levinson package, park assist, trunk mat, and wheel lock. The car had 49 miles on it and the sticker price for it is $61,501. Funny thing is I went to this same dealership on the same week, the sales consultant I dealt was trying to sell the same F for $56,650 and when I told him I was going to leave he brought in his manager and the best price they gave me was $53k flat for it. The next day I read a post on club lexus and that owner referred me to this other salesman and I spoke with him. He was willing to honor the same pricing that he gave to the other owner for me. This is my first time buying a car and definitely its a pain in the rear end and my advice is to always do your research and when someone says "having too much information is bad for you", well they're wrong. Today I just went out to get a set of yellow bulbs for my fog lights; Nokya, they cost about $36.23 tax included. Now I just need to find out how to put them on. =\
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Awesome crazee! Congrats on the purchase and good color choice :cool:
Awesome crazee! Congrats on the purchase and good color choice :cool:
Thanks Mike. I'm glad that I got the Mercury Metallic it blends in like just a regular ISX50.:D Although it wasn't in my top 2 choice in color but the color has definitely grown into my likings. Now the fun begins, modding and possibly a custom wide body kit on it are on my to do list for the F.:D
Welcome to the club! You'd better start watching out for speeding tickets, like the rest of us.
Welcome to the club! You'd better start watching out for speeding tickets, like the rest of us.
Hehe yeah I should be more cautious and not try to break my record of speeding and have never received a speeding ticket my whole life. Just a bunch of meter tickets and street cleaning.:( Oh yeah you can definitely get mesmerize by the smoothness of the car it felt that I was going about 40-45 mph but actually it was going 80-90mph today when I was heading to the dealership
Welcome to the forums crazee enjoy the car!!!! don't hestitate to ask any questions!
sweet, you got a great deal!
Welcome officially.
Finally, the joy of owning one.
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