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OEM IS-F wheels for sale. 08-09' style W/WO tires

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Hi everyone,

I have a set of OEM IS-F wheels for sale off of my early 09' version IS'F.

I am happy to sell them with or without the tires.

The wheels aren't brand new as I have driven on them for over a year, just want to make sure people understand exactly what they are purchasing. So they have seen normal brake dust, use, etc. Also the set is not perfect, there is some slight curb rash on a few of the wheels. I'll try and get some pics taken this afternoon and post them up here asap.

The tires are already dismounted from the wheels as I needed the wheel pressure sensors for the HRE's I put on instead.

Looking for $1750.00 for the wheels or $2500 for wheels and tires. Tires are Pilot Sport All Seasons with about 4K miles on them. So I am happy to keep them as they were $1500.00 after tax, install, etc. when purchased recently.

I am located in Santa Fe, NM and am happy to ship anywhere or of course local pick up is fine.

Payment options are paypal to [email protected], cashiers check/money order, bank wire transfer, and to US residents Visa or MC as well. For paypal or credit card payments please add 2% to cover the associated fees I am hit with on my end.

Shipping would be fed-ex ground so I would need to know your zip code and city to give you a proper shipping total.

Direct contact information is [email protected] or 505-690-1995 cell.

Thanks everyone,

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