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OEM IS-F 6pot BREMBO for SALE!!!!

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hi there,

I have a set of OEM IS-F brake kit for SALE. It was a marvelous item which can fitted on any IS250/IS350 or TOYOTA MARK-X nicely. It's BRAND NEW item and an authentic original product from TOYOTA.

The brakes came with complete sets as the followings items below:-

1) Lexus Brembo Caliper 6pot
2) Brembo Rotor
3) Brembo Pads
4) Fitting Kit

Anyone of you who are interested, dont hesitate do PM me about the price. Thank you!

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Being this is your first post to our website and this is a high dollar item. BTW, you do know this is not a direct bolt on to the ISx50 right? Is there anyone who can vouch for you? If so, have them send me a PM. This thread is locked in the meantime.
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