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Octane Booster

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What are your insights on Octane Booster for brand new cars and slightly older cars? How much difference would it be when used with Premium Gas?
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It will depend on how much timing is pulled currently due to detonation. If none, then I would expect to see no gains. It takes quite a bit of octane booster to actually get your octane points up. The classic method used by the boost guys was to add toluene which is quite cheap in comparison to the 16oz octane booster. Note octane boosters usually add (max) to the increase in octane...considering a 10gal tank. With a bottle of octane booster, you will probably barely get over 1 point of increase in a 18gal tank.

Furthermore there is discussions that because this is homebrew, it will lead to more deposits than a detergent fuel from a refinery. Unless you are seeing detonation, I do not see the point. Bad gas in your area?

Not really bad gas. Just heard something about how octane booster is good for your car well mostly on older cars. I wanted to see gain more insight on it.
I see it having more of an advantage on older cars like you said. Unless something is really wrong with your gas mileage (which the dealership should look at first), I wouldn't put in the F :)

And from experience, I used it in one of my older vehicles and had tons of deposits all of a sudden start showing up in the engine so I wouldn't recommend it.

What Fig said is right though, its not really worth putting in your engine when it has only a slight effect on gas mileage :)
okay thanks for all the insights. I'll keep it in mind.
Octane boosters have minimal gains. Don't fall into the marketing hype. As Fig mentioned, octane boosters only boost your octane by 1 point, not whole octane figures. Keep that engine tuned and have the engine flushed if you have heavy carbon buildup. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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