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Noob mod questions

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Hi all,

My first post here, great forum!

I currently drive a BMW 135i with a tune and am thinking of changing cars. I have always liked the Lexus but am wanting something with some guts. My car now has done a 12.8s 1/4 mile so obviously I would like something at least as fast as this.

I have done some searching and reading, and have found quite varied opinions on what a stock IS-F does. Anything from 12.9 down to 12.4. I would have thought it would be similar to an M3 which is around 12.7/8. Can anyone give me a definitive answer?

I have also looked up dragtimes and seen some ISF's doing 12.2-12.3s with headers/exhausts mods. Is this correct? That's a pretty decent run with such a 'small' mod.

Thanks in advance!
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Caymandive has been in the 11's. The car is pretty much 12.5 to 12.8's depending how you launch it. Reduce some weight and with headers and stickies and its quick. It still comes down to the driver though.
First of all -->Welcome to the forum.

As far as times go, abyars is right. Mid 12's is about right for stock, but depending on the driver, temp, launch, etc. Caymandive has hit the 11'sj, but he is a madman that can push like crazy, so he is more of the exception, but it does show the possiblilities.

The biggest thing about having this car is that not everyone else does. You get the best of both worlds, an aggressive car that is a blast to drive. Yet it is refined enough that I don't have problems showing up at a meeting with company execs.
Thanks guys! Will have to do a search on Caymandive.

I think if I can do low 12's I'd be pretty happy. Interestingly, it's either the IS-F or a Porsche Cayman S I'm choosing between.
The difference is between a go cart and a luxury car. The Porsche is a blast, but only in short bursts. The Lex is refined enough to just cruise in. My opinion. ..nothing more
I"m just curious, TheKeeper. Why didn't you go with the M3 since you're already in a 135i???? Again, I'm just curious. Usually, BMW folks don't stray too far. I drive a '08 IS-F and I love it!
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