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No Alpine Interior is Being Produced in June !!

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Just looked at the allocation and build sheets, and out of the 43 IS-F's built, not one will have the Alpine Interior !!!

Rumor has it Lexus is having a difficult time with quality of the Alpine standing up to what they want !!!

Good news is Lexus won't half-ass anything, bad new's is, no Alpine White Interiors.....
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That's ok, white shows EVERYTHING, and doesn't look good once worn out.Black is so much better looking and doesn't show as much wear and tear.It's like wearing a white suit--looks good brand new but get cleaned a few times and you'll wish you had bought the black one
dam! i was just in an ultrasonic blue with alpine interior at the taste of lexus event last weekend. that's exactly how i want the car. it was the only blue one there too! how ironic for me. now i'm sad. i hope they fix the problem because i totally loved that interior. though i do agree it will be a biatch to keep clean unless lexus comes up with something.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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