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I just got my ISF this week and couldn't be happier. This is certainly the nicest car I have ever had. I sold my 2000 C5 Corvette 1 month before I deployed to Afghanistan. I saved up the whole time and got the okay from the wife to get an ISF. I was actually about to settle on a BMW 335i when my wife slapped me out of it. I drove the 335, it was very nice, twin turbo was ok, just wasn't a jaw-dropper. I asked her if she wanted to drive it before we left the dealer and she bluntly said No! She said it was okay and wouldn't be mad at me if I got it , considering the 2008 335i was only $32k and the ISF was $42k. She was right. We made a good choice. As I said before couldn't be happier, and I think the ISF is faster overall than my Corvette, crazy!

I have the parking sensors in the rear, that work, they show up on the back up camera, etc. I have what looks like sensors on the front, but, they don't alert me to curbs in the front. Are they broken? Does anyone have some that work? It looks like the previous owner ran the nose over a curb in a parking lot and its a little "effed-up" but not noticeable unless you get on the ground to look at it. Maybe, the parking sensors worked before the female driver ran over the curb? Any advice or ideas ?
Second Q: The tire pressure indicator left of the steering column is weird. how do i get it to display tire psi? My corvette would tell you the psi to every tire while on the move and the ISF doesn't do anything while its rolling and i cant figure it out while parked. ?????

That's it for now. I sure am a proud owner of my ISF, I really cant believe its in my driveway. I really cant believe it. Glad to be a Forum member too ! Thanks in advance for the replies.

Congrats and welcome! Ok i can help a bit. The parking sensors dont detect curbs, youll notice the fronts will beep when your parking head in and aproaching the car in the adjacent spot.when people wall to close in a cross walk they will sound. mine also went off whan a large snowflake whould land on one. So they are mainly for obstuctions. I rubbed a parking block before i knew this. TPS does not display current pressure on 08 just which tires are low or (off). Hope this helps
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