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Newbie, need info to decide

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Hi all-
Nice to "meet" you all. I stumbled upon your site while doing some research on my next toy- hope you can steer me a bit.

About me: i am a the owner of a 73 datsun 240Z and 74 260Z, as well as an 06 Mustang GT convertible. I love my Z cars, and my original intent was to pick up a GTR. We all know the story on those right now... i refuse to pay the premium price, so i am moving on.

I love my 'Stang, though i'd like a bit more power, but my biggest gripe are the seats. Maybe its just me, but i get a pain between my shoulder blades if i spend much time in it- no amount of adjusting really helps:(

The old z cars are great, but peformance-wise, while great for 30 years ago- is quite ho-hum today. Plus they always make me smell like gas fumes..

C63amg interested me, but they seem to be made of unobtainium, plus the reliability seems questionable.

M3 is a logical choice, but again i have read some scary reliability stories- and it seems i see a BMW everytime i go anywhere..

So- to get to the point.
I read all the major magazine comparos- considered the ISF, but didn't really like the looks in the pics. THEN- i stopped by a dealership & saw one on the lot. Decided i like it after all;)
Have not driven one, because i only get there when the dealer is closed- but i'd like some of your opinions one the F. Primarily- comfort? Amenities?

As i said, i love my Mustang- almost bought a GT500, but it really lacks the creature comforts i deserve for that much cash.. and i need a seat that fits well for a 5'11" 210 pounder, wide in the shoulders:confused:

Anyone else own a newer mustang that can give me a comparo?
Thanks to all of you, pleasure to meet you!
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Hi there Jeremiah.
I just started posting here myself as I am celebrating my one week anniversary of taking delivery of my brand new ISF. I think my username says it all! I know one week is not a long time to make a logical assessment of a car but then again if any of us use logic to buy a car we'd all be driving civics!lol All I can say is drive the car. The power is unbelievable and I'm still taking it easy, trying to break it in properly. The handling on the car is equally impressive and its power, once again drive the car! At just under 200lbs and 6ft tall I find the car extremely comfortable although I will say the the side supports fits me perfectly, a little wider and I wonder if I could say the same.
One more time.... Drive the car!!!! I mentioned in my first post the experiences I have driving the car around, the attention is incredible. Just today I've seen 5 Ferraris, 2 Lambo's, and I can't even count how many Bimmers but not one ISF.
Obviously the decision is yours and you're on a Lexus ISF forum so your response will be a little one-sided but I'll go ahead and say it...^%#& the M3, I would trade my ISF for anything right now!
Talk to you soon, I'm off for another ride!!!!!!!!
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Big oops,
I meant I WOULDN'T trade my ISF for anything right now!!!!
Thanks for the input-
The curse of owning your own business & working 6 days a week.. no free time for test drives.. when i'm off, the dealers are generally closed:eek:

On the upside, at least it makes things affordable!:D

Enjoy the ride, the more i research, the more i like this car!
Nice to meet you. I am new here also but look forward to help increase the "F" culture and awareness. I am a little biased toward the Lexus brand since I work for a dealer but I can tell you that the IS-F is the best packaged car available in it's segment today. It does everything exceptionally well from an enthusiast point of view. I have spent time in various brands of cars from BMW to Porsche and even Panoz racing school cars on varoius tracks throughout the country and in comparison, the IS-F in my opinion has it all. Motor Trend magazine quoted the seating position in this car as "perfect". 416 hp and 14"+ rotors with 6 piston brembo calipers! In a nutshell, it goes like heck and stops even better. If you ever make your way down towards the Dayton Ohio area, I would make myself available to let you test drive one! Even on Sunday! You won't go wrong with the Lexus reliability. The IS-F is currently outpacing the M3 sedan in sales nationwide. Hope this helps. ;)

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I concur with FChamp & permasmile. The car is simply great.
Jeremiah, make the time. I also own my own business and literally work 7 days a week-retail is a bitch!!!! Give your local dealer a call, a good salesman will make the time to come to you.
Welcome to the site axtellz!! :)

I have had my IS-F for close to three months now and absolutely love it! Like permasmile said, I wouldn't trade it for anything on the market right now. I travel a lot within the state of Texas and have been on two pretty decently long road trip and I have to say, it is a blast to drive on the open road, and surprisingly comfortable, even the ride is comfortable in my opinion. You really need to test drive an IS-F to understand why we all love the car so much. I didn't like it much either when I first saw it but once I visited the dealership I fell in love with it, took a test drive, and drove the showroom car off the lot. I am also a wide shouldered guy, (5'8, 218 pounds, bodybuilder) and I find the seats very comfortable. :cool: I have no problem getting into or out of the car and when I have taken those long trips, I don't find myself needing to stop to stretch or anything of the sort. I really like the fact it is a performance car (supercharger is supposedly coming out for it) and it has the reliability of Lexus while being a M3 competitor. The touch screen navigation and inside features are great. I absolutely love the car. I do say though, find some time to test drive one, then you'll really love the car. Let us know how it goes. :D
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I kinda wish I was a salesman for Lexus right now, just let them test drive it and its like shooting fish in a barrel!lol
I'm sure we'll be hearing from jeremiah shortly with news of the delivery of his brand new ISF
Thanks to all of you.
I nearly have myself convinced, without the test drive! I really do need to make the time- but i live way out in the country- its about 40 miles to a dealer.
Now my wife says since it isn't a convertible, we need to keep the 'Stang (oh, poor me to be married to a girl who loves me so!)
But i am out of garage space, so its time to sell a Z car, or two:(

The local (Rochester, NY) dealer only has a red F in stock, and i just don't care for the rims with the red- looks ricey to me (sorry, mean no offense!)

I think i'll see if i can drive that one, then order black- i really like the black.
Anyone have a pic of the smoky granite? i like that as well. Decisions, decisions...
Again, thanks to all of you.
BTW- i have a son in Columbus- how far to Dayton?
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BTW- i have a son in Columbus- how far to Dayton?
Depends on speed of course, but right around an hour, maybe a little over :cool:
Depends on speed of course, but right around an hour, maybe a little over :cool:
BigMike is right! About an hour.

I've had my IS F since 2/18/08 and have nearly 6k miles on it. I can honestly say this car is about as perfect as I could ask for, both in terms of daily driver comfort/amenities and in terms of becoming the "beast" I paid so much for when I step on it hard.

I very nearly bought the Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black with 507 HP and incredible torque, but upon reading about all the serious reliability problems Mercedes has been having, the decision to buy the F (and save probably $50k!!!) was a no brainer.

Test drive the car, for sure, but once you do, be warned--you may not want to even consider anything else.

Oh, and be absolutely sure you put the car in "Sport" mode with paddles working before your test drive is done--unbelievable!

Hope you get one...this thing is amazing.

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I have to concur with everyone's comments. Great as a daily driver, and lots of fun when you want to 'wind it up'.

Oh, and be absolutely sure you put the car in "Sport" mode with paddles working before your test drive is done--unbelievable!
Oh yeah, and make sure you get the revs above 3600 rpm... :D
Man o man, you sure are a convincing bunch!! Thanks. (seriously)
Check out the following review. It sums up the cars and makes the decision easier.
An unbiased car review.......I'm speechless :eek:
what have you got in stock, if i were to come by one day?
I am pretty convinced, just waiting to get through another winter here in NY. (ready Doug?) But i have just remembered to ask- i know that rear seats are a joke, but just how tight is it? My 06 Mustang is mighty tight back there, my daughters can fit, sort of...
At least in the F, they wil have their own doors!
Ready!! There is a enough room in the back for kids (2) for sure. Adults will even fit comfortably back there as long as the front passengers aren't over 6'5" and have the seats way back. During the Las Vegas and Chicago track time I spent my fair share of time in the back seat , with a helmet on even, and was comfortable. (Maybe a little seasick though) Having their own doors will make a hugh difference. My 8 yr old son loves riding in the back seat of the "F"! ;)
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