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Hello all. I just got my first ISF and wanted to say hi. I traded in my blue 08 BMW M3 E90 which had 65k miles on it for a silver CPO 2011 ISF with 16k miles on it. I'm already so much happier. Such a better DD the the M. The seats are so much more comfortble, the mpg are better, a lot smoother ride, and i like the dash/nav setup better then the idrive i had. I was with the M3 forum which was great. A lot of people had a lot of good info on that forum. Hope this one will be the same.

What are the common mods that everyone's doing? CAI, exhaust, tune, DIY's, etc. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!! Also, when I tinted my M3 I had to use ceramic tint cause the antenna was in the rear winow. Is the ISF the same?
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Welcome to the club. I/E/H basic NA stuff.
Welcome to the club. I/E/H basic NA stuff.
Thnx bro.... Is there a place that everyone seems to shop at? Do you know the most popular I, E, and H?
Well Joez does a nice intake and full dual exhuast dyno proven to like 40 rwhp. Two companys making headers PPE and Sikky.
Just got my ISF, a red 2011 with 10K miles. I would never mod this car, it comes perfect and anything I could do would only compromise the reliability. And it's plenty fast as is.
Actually Will, except for nitrous, the mods people speak of here are bolt on's and they have no affect on reliability. i have not seen or heard of anyone doing anything internally. They are quality products with proven track records. You are correct, the car is pretty awesome from the start.
My buddy just bought an ISF and he loves it. He actually bought it in California and needed it brought here in Texas. Being that it is a fairly high value car, he didnt want to take any chances so he used and enclosed car transport to get it here. The company he used also moved some freight for him and gave him an all inclusive price. He was very happy!
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