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I don't race the car, but I do like having every ounce of performance for the street (if I went to the track a lot, I would likely run 285/35R18s all around). I would never put heavier 20 inch wheels on my car...I can't justify more money, less performance, and likely a harsher ride. I certainly don't think the stock 19s look too small. I haven't made up my mind yet whether or not 18s would look too small or not. Look at the E63 AMG rides stock on 18s, and AMG division knows what they are doing.
Feel ya... gotta spend a good 5-7k on wheels to make any 20's comparable as far as weight is concerned.. I unfortunately fell into that league, and I cant say im proud..... Just yet....... still another week until my VIP Modulars are made ;) 3 peice tho, 25 front 27lbs rear... both lighter than stock I beleive, with a sexy lip and a rediculously aggressive offset. To each his own... right??? Cool stuff man, just thought id ask.. best of luck no matter what you decide... if you're considering 18's look at stock IS250s/IS350s... they have 18's... and they're smaller cars....
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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