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New to this forum, not new to the Lexus community

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Hello all, I just joined up this forum as another site for isf info! I have a 08 USB isf with 38k miles. I just bought it 2 months ago or so and have been enjoying it since. I have already done a k&n intake, new oem rotors, carbotec bobcat pads front and rear and 245/35/19 Bridgestone RE11 and 275/30/19 re11 in the rear. I am looking to get an exhaust soon. The PO cut the muffler off and did a flow master that drones very bad.

I have a sc300 as well that I use for other purposes which is caged, built 1.5jz engine on e85, wide body with authentic vertex ridge kit and other goodies.
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bleh to bad I dont have the post requirements, id love to post some pictures.
Thanks. I dunno if its just me but the forum seems like its kinda dead. Not much going on.
Hi there all,
My name is James and i am a newbie out here.
Hoping to have a great time out here and enjoy my stay.
welcome on this community and have a great stay here to make it memorable one for us
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