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new to the site.. any1 in the 818

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what up all? hope all is good with all your bad*** IS F'S... i thought i was the only one with an IS F for in the valley for a minute... now i see them everywhere... show yourself... lets meet and chat about our toys...


r u trippin
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Welcome. There are a handful of our members in the SFV area. Check out the regional section and you will find some local meets in your area. :)
sorry but i cant see nor find the regional section... im going to assume you ment "meets and events" section...
Where in the valley are you from? I am around Northridge
Im from northridge too. I dont really see any other IS-F's around here.
Mine is white, cf front lip, exhaust.. You'll kno its me if the crazy girlfriend is riding shotgun punching me for scraping the lip she bought me.
i am from calabasas
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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