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new to the forum and my new white is-f

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hey guys, ive been lurking the forums for a couple weeks now.
I just bought a white 08 is-f about 2 weeks ago so i just thought i would introduce myself.
My name is yuuj and im from irvine, ca.
Just want to let you guys know how glad I am that you guys have such a great fourm on this car
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hey welcome to the site im new as well i have a blue / black 2008 isf what years is yours ill have some pics up soon.
Welcome to the site, both of you!! Congrats on both your cars! Your going to need to post up pics whenever you can :)

Feel free to look around, post pictures and ask any questions you may have about the car or Lexus in general :) Enjoy
thanks guys!
Im very glad to be getting such a warm welcome to the forum.
I have a 2008 White Is-f with black interior.
so far there isnt one thing I dislike about the car.
Ill take some pics as soon as I wash my car, It just rained so she isnt looking too good
Welcome to the "F" Family! :)
Welcome to both of you ! And congrats on two great cars!

As the others have said, we'd love to see pictures of your cars and to know of any mods you have or plan to do to them.

Enjoy the forum!
Welcome, the Starfire Pearl color is very nice! Let us know what you think of the new ride:cool:
i just took a couple pics of the car so ill upload them soon.
so far, i love everything about the car!!
I just cant wait to see what aftermarket mods are relased. I saw lots of good stuff in the SEMA videos
welcome to the forums, def post pics up have any questions about the car don't hesitate to ask!! enjoy your new car
Sorry it took so long.
I took the pics a while ago but when i was editing it I accidentally resized the pics and saved them.
Was planning on taking more and uploading but I thought I might as well up these too. Enjoy!
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Daym, nice pics!!
A thousand welcomes to both of you!
Thanks Guys!
Hopefully I can take more pics soon.
nice pics man!
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