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new to ISF

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hey all. long time IS owner (2) is300's (1) is250 finally made the jump to a 2008 ISF. just saying hello to the forum
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Right on, welcome to the forum Mike. I also climbed up the ladder...is300...is350...IS-F. Are you loving it?
IS250 to IS-F man you have just got to be in heaven round about now :) I made the IS350 jump to the F and have had a BIGGER smile on my face ever since.
Welcome and enjoy the car.
Welcome to the forum. what color combo did you end up with?
Welcome! You'll love the car and the tickets you'll get will help the economy. :p
thanks all. went with black on black. made 1st track run with it friday :D
Drag or road course?
welcome to the forum Mike! Congrats on the purchase
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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