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New to Forum and Lexus

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I am new to the lexus forum. I have the same user name in the GT-R forum so everyone knows I am real. I recently was given the decision to either kill a motorcyclist who did not know how to ride or wreck my GT-R into a wall. I unfortunately chose the 2nd option and totaled my GT-R. I am now the proud owner of a lexus IS-F and love it. I have been searching the forum and can't figure out how to buy whatever I need to gain as much hp as the car can produce. All I want to do is buy an exhaust and headers and intake. Where can I buy these and pay ASAP. Also, are there any performance engine upgrades such as turbo systems or supercharger systems. Any input would be helpful. I don't have time to search forums day and night and would appreciate any help. My GT-R had the switzer 900hp kit on it ( I know I won't be able to obtain this with the lexus unless there is a forced induction kit available so that is what I am looking for)...P.S. This IS-F is much more fun to drive than my Nissan. Thanks for all the help and please don't hesitate to email me.
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Welcome to the Forum, but sad to say, this forum is dead. Don't know why, but it is.

You want to go here:

My Recommendations:

Headers - PPE

Exhaust - PPE Dual Mode

Intake - I have a Takeda, but a change is not really necessary.

Rear Swar Bar - F-Sport

Supercharger - Not really a lot of Info on that.

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