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New tires

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Hey everybody, looking for suggestions for a new set of tires. There seem to be some new models out like the BFG gforce 2, just looking for feedback.

Tried reading the forums, not finding a lot of info, and a lot of the posts are from back in 2009. The Nitto Invos, Continental ExtremeDWs, and the Mich Pilot SS seem to be popular.

Couple of my friends had the BFG gforce KDWs on their STIs and liked them, but i read a few reviews about increased road noise and stiff ride.

I've only had the OEMs Bridgestone Potenzas. They seemed ok, and i've managed to squeeze about 30k miles out of them, but they seem to have pretty unanimous blah reviews.

I use the F as my daily driver, so if there is anything i can do to help dampen the ride without compromising performance (much), that would be interesting.

I live in Texas, so snow isn't a concern, and the OEM tires seem to be good enough in the wet for me.

Hard to ignore the price on the Ventus V12s - 162 fronts, 189 rears plus 80 dollar MIR, but it feels a little weird selecting the cheapest tire for the ISF. Discount tire recommended them, citing enhanced wet traction, lower road noise, and softer ride - but for all i know they could be on promotion.

I have no real plans for road racing/track use, most of my fun is on back roads or high speed runs on tollways.
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I'm running 245/35/19 and 285/30/19 front to back Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Positions. If the Michelin PSS came in those sizes (the 285/30/19) I would be on the Michelins, but I am very happy with my Bridgestones. I had the Continental DW in those same sizes previously, and after about 6K miles they developed a loud and terrible sing that I finally just couldn't stand. I am on stock wheels, and the upsizes fit very well. IMO, the F is undertired and the upsizing has improved the handling tremendously.

G force 2 are supposed to be a nice tire. They are ranked #1 on tire rack in the UHP segment
Lou when you were on the DWs did you notice that the sidewalls were a little on the soft side?
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