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New Pics Of The Is-f Five Axis

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Click on the link to read about why,how and who built this bad ass car!There are some newer pics of the car as well,also to the right of the screen will be an icon called "statics" click on that to see some nice rides and how they were built.Enjoy!! :D
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Thanks for the Posting !!!
It was nice talking to you yesterday !!! Maybe next time I'm in Florida, I can get a Lexus "loaner" ;)
Let me know when your coming and I'll hook u up,my Lexus brother
Will do, and I will do the same for you !!! :)
Here's the Five Axis IS-F and my car just behind it at Toyotafest 2008 this past May.

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Beautifull picture is this the only one you took? Can you post more if you have them?
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