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New Parts? Intake, Exhaust, Computer?

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Came across this site today advertising stuff I've never heard of. LEMS Intake and Exhaust parts, and a computer by HKS on page 2.

Anyone had experience with LEMS or these parts?
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The HKS VAC removes the speed limit but it has not been tried on non-JDM ECUs as far as I know
Some very expensive parts on a site that takes no responsibility for fitment of any of them to an IS-F sold out of Japan.
Hks vac

After fixing the VAC on my ISF, the IS-F logo was blinking on the VAC for few times and then it is stop blinking, that means everything is ok as per the catalogue.
On the Idle when start push the Gas, the RPM is moving up very slow.
When driving the car, the performance is VERY bad!! Without the VAC the car is much powerful.

Please advice if someone know any solution

Please advice if someone know any solution
...remove it? ;)
What is the origin of your car? The VAC has not been tested on non JDM CUs
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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