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Hi Guys, new member just checking in, glad there's a forum dedicated specifically to the F and the people that love it! I stepped up, as I'm sure a bunch of you guys have, from IS300 to IS350 to IS-F...what's next? hehe I've got the silver one with Mark Levinson (I hope that is standard on these IS-F's) navi, etc, all the bells and whistles, put 50 tint all around and custom clear bra. That's probably all I will do to it, the first car I've had that is perfect the way it is, I'm sure many of you guys agree with that assessment!



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Welcome to the forum. Good start on mods for you car. Many of us were just as you are, content with the car as is, but for many of us here that changes with time. There are quite a few aftermarket exhausts, intakes, and a few different sets of headers either available or coming availbale soon. The there is always the look upgrades.

Look around the site, and chime in when you can.

Congrats on the new car...btw what year car? I'll be down in Pleasanton this summer.
Thanks for the welcome :) I'm sure I'll hop on board the modtrain eventually now that you've suggested there are some goodies. Mine is an ' the background you can see my best friends new C63 which is also a very amazing car...though not Japanese enough for my tastes
Welcome. We'll see how long you keep that opinion of wanting to keep it stock. The ISF is a phenomenal can use a little wider rubber than they stick on it at the factory though.
Was that the car at the Pleasanton dealer from a little while ago?

Just curious, did they let you test drive it?

I wanted to test drive the black 2011 they had on the lot, and the salesman came up with a really great story:

"Some guy in a Porsche 911 Turbo is going to come by here and trade his car in for it"

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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