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New owner!

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My name is Ory and I am a proud owner of a brand new 09 IS-F I picked up a couple of days ago. I got an amazing deal on this car, as it was drastically discounted by a very eager socal lexus dealer. The car is Silver/Black with the nav and mark levinson audio. It is really a terrific car and handles way better than my E63, although pickup isn't quite as powerful. I am very impressed with the aggressive exterior design, which my fiance tells me makes me look 10 years younger than when driving the E63 (I am 42...). I look forward to years of ownership and sharing ideas and info here with all of you. FYI, if any of you are looking for a blue mica/white interior 09, my dealer has one in stock, and you will get a huge discount.

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Hey, welcome in Ory! Glad to hear your in an "F"! And you do look younger from here. Looking forward to your stories and pictures.
That's awesome! We welcome you back to your youth! :)
Congrats on your new F, and welcome aboard!

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS F
Hey, 42 is not old at all! It's the peak of midlife crisis! LOL! Here's a warm welcome from another 42-year-old!
Welcome to the Crew. We always get excited about new members. Be sure to share your thoughts and any upgrades you find or install.
Welcome Ory, it will be a fun ride. I have a 09 Z vette as well so i totally understand the diff in power
Welcome. Good to have another performance car enthusiast on board.
You said good deal on the blue, How much will your local dealer do?
Welcome Ory! glad you love your new IS F, i just got mine 2 weeks ago and i love it, silver w black also and that great stereo system, dont you just love it, 42 isnt old, ill be 45 next month and i will say that car makes me feel young, as a mother of 2 i have to have something wild in my life and its definetly the car! :D
Hi there!

Which dealership did you pick up yours at? Is it an 09 or a 10?
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