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New Owner... Old car

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Hi all,
My name is Marco, I live in Italy.
In my country the ISF is not very popular... Lexus decided to import only 20 car. Only one colour and no optionals exept roof.
I'm happy to have one :D
So if you have some questions about european model......

Smoky Granite Mica ISF
Sorry for bad english :eek:


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Benvenuti e complimenti! Wow, only 20 ISFs in Italy! Talk about being rare.
Welcome Marco! Show us more pics of your ISF!
Marco, does your car get attention as it is so rare? How do Italians respond to it?
Wow probably the only place on earth you will see more Ferarri's then ISF's. Welcome!!!!!! and ENJOY THAT BEAST!
nobody recognise it.
They confuse it with diesel IS and sometime try to engage with Golf GTI. LOL

It it too rare here. A lot of M3 and Audi RS. And will become more rare becouse Lexus Italy adopt crazy politics. They don't want to sell cars IMHO
Marco! Welcome to the site and welcome to the Lexus F family! :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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