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New owner in south Fla

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I picked mine up a few weeks ago from GA. I made the deal on Ebay. Confirmed the price with the dealer and flew up to pick it up the next day. It was better than I thought. It had 25k on it And I got it for 38k. Whats even better is the previous owner added Jic suspension, coil overs and 20in tsw rims. The suspension changed has this baby riding like a cloud. Not nearly as rough as the others i test drove. Ill put the pics up as soon as i get 10 post :confused:
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very nice pick up at a badass price! Isn't that the F that was up on ebay with the "Rear TT set-up"?
It may be. I located it on ebay then I went straight through the dealer.
Im down in hollywood. mile from miami.
random nothing so i can post my pics. I am putting the pics on the first post. Let me know what yall think
is the lower part of the rear bumper black paint or vinyl?
congrats got mine about two weeks ago is-f status :D
what color you get. post some pics
congrats on a great buy with all the upgrades! does anybody know if there are aftermarket diffuser out there?
^A diffuser is on the rear bumper of the car, towards the bottom of the car and typically between or around the exhaust tips...let me get you a picture. In the below pic, the black part around the exhaust tips is a diffuser :cool: The one on your ride appears to be either black or carbon fiber
That Wald diffuser is sex. :eek:
sweet ride! have seen that one before :)
i go to bradenton often. have to pass through your area. u may have seen me then
21 - 35 of 35 Posts
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