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Hi guys,

Loong time reader of these boards, and just reading thru some older posts i thought it was time i made my self known.

Ive got a 08 USB ISF, Which started life as a ex demo ,. so i was given a massive price cut on a new one.

Mods so far include:

JoeZ Intake
Toms Air Filter
Braided Brake lines
Lowered on Tein Springs.

Future Mods include:

JoeZ Exhaust (in Transit)
Sikky headers.

Cause we run 98 octane here in Aussie hopefully my dyno result should be a little fatter then the 416whp that most seem to be putting out .

Pics and dyno print ups to come.

Hi Richie,

I am a new owner of a 2008 IS F myself and I am in awe everytime I drive it. I love it and am surprised that I have not come across anyone I know of (other than one) that even has a clue as to what an IS F is and how it differs from the other Lexus models. Mine has the Borla exhaust which suits my taste well.


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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