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New Owner 7/3/08

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Hi all,
Just got a black IS F. Love this car. Looking forward to enhancing the experience and sharing information with the group. Couple of lousy cell phone pics after I got her home. Better pics to come soon.:D

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DEVILDOG. The weekend we got our F my wife and I attended a convention at Gaylord Texas, in Lewisville. While I was at some of the technical sessions my wife "tooled" around Lewisville. One day she went to a bead shop where they had parallel parking in front of the store. After taking her time so that she didn't curb the wheels she went in and the owner and two of her friends were looking strangely at her. She then told them that in Houston she never parallel parked so she was being careful. The owner's friend said that she knew what Karen was driving, because she had just ordered one exactly like it.

Still haven't seen one on the street here in Houston.
I've never seen one on the road yet in the DFW area either. Same as when driving my Viper. I like not seeing myself on the road. One of the reasons among many others that I did not get a Z06 for a daily driver.
Thanks SuperFreak and ISFChamp!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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