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New Mercury

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Hey guys,

Just picked my ISF up this weekend. I've been trying to decide between an S5 and ISF for months now and finally pulled the trigger on the Lexus. This will be my first Lexus as I was always an Audi guy (B5 S4, B6 A4). I'm a Petroleum Engineer from Calgary Alberta, so winter should be interesting. Mercury metallic on white leather, every option in the book. here's a couple quick pics


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I got my MM at the first of the year and snow tires 3 days later. If you drive with summer tires in the winter in Calgary, you'll be getting your pants cleaned regularly - it's absolutely scary.:eek: Welcome to the forum!
the car has been an absolute blast so far. I didn't think i would like the transmission, but the control is incredible. I may have just been converted to a Lexus guy, the engineering is immaculate.
Congrats and welcome!

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Welcome and enjoy. MM here as well.
Hey Welcome,

Always nice to see another Calgarian! Enjoy your ISF!
Welcome to the forum. I like the interior color. I wanted an Alpine interior as well, but was worried about upkeep (especially since I got 2 kids).

Bullterrier, I would love to hear your exhaust some time. Im currently considering the ISS track system on the next group buy in april.
Nice choice on the Lexus. Glad to see you're not adding to the population of BMW 3-Series' in Calgary! Seems like that's the car of choice for young Calgarian professionals.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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