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New Member Saying Hello

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Just signed up and thought I'd say hello. I've been looking around this site for the past year or so just after buying my '08 ISF. Its stock for now other than a clear 3M bra. Black w/ black interior, Mark Levinson sound and about 20K miles. Picked it up with 12K from Milwaukee and imported it into Canada.
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You have an IS-F AND and Supra? Welcome to the forum. Post pics!:)
Welcome to the forum. Do you plan on any mods?
I don't think I have any pics of my F yet (bought it in May '10). I'll have to take some once the snow melts and I get it out of storage.

No plans for modding other than a set of wheels & tires for next winter. Its the daily driver while the Supra is for fun.

I'll post some pics once I have > 10 posts.
Welcome aboard officially. Very nice cars!
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