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Best Color on the IS F between these two...

  • Mercury Metallic

    Votes: 7 36.8%
  • Obsidian

    Votes: 12 63.2%

New Member, Pls Read My Post - I Need Your Opinion, Thx.

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I still have a smile on my face. :) For the first time today, I drove an IS F and I'm still giddy. The actual experience was so so much better than I expected... just blew me away. And... that little unreasonable voice in my head it keeps saying, Do Everything In Your Power to GET that CAR!! Sell the wife and kids, whatever, just GET THAT CAR!!! Well, I try not to listen to that guy, but he won't go away today, hopefully a good night sleep will help this situation.

This dealer had a 2010 IS F in Black, or I should say Obsidian. It was beautiful, stunning. And, with those pewter type wheels, quad tips, and a georgeous Black color that presented such a bold statement... well, in my travels on the Net I had come to the conclusion that Silver, or I should say Mercury Metallic was the best color to show the lines of the car, and it was the classiest color, nothing came close... however, I've never seen the Mercury Metallic up close.

So, it's Obsidian or Mercury Metallic. As to whether I can swing a 2010; that's a whole other topic, one not worth going into now. I didn't think I'd ever like the Black car so much; but I did. However, I do have many images in my mind of the Mercury Metallic that tell me it's still a better color. What do you guys think? Between the two, no other color would suit my tastes. I guess I am even more interested in the person out there who has seen both; as I said, I have not yet seen the MM. Also, what was your first test drive like, was it as thrilling as mine? :rolleyes:

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neither color would be my choice IMO. the silver is too plain, and a black car just seems to get dirty way too fast. if you want a color that really pops once you actually look into it, the red is fantastic. of course im partial to the white, because i think the isf looks the best in it. it definitely glows the most out of any lexus color.
but if i have a vote for you. i go black.
I think the black looks much better than the silver. The silver will appear cleaner if you don't have time to wash the car constantly. Basically, get the black if you are going to take great care of the car, otherwise get silver.
Take a guess on how I voted:eek: The Tungsten Pearl on my wife's ES, is pretty much the same as Mercury Metallic except for the metal flake in mine. From a distance they are pretty much the same color, and I luv 'em.

Either will require constant upkeep. When not detailed and spotless; both colors fade/blend into the asphalt/concrete ribbon. With a perfect Obsidian available only four miles from my front door; I traveled 10 hours to get a Matador Red for that reason. If freshly detailed; either is beautiful.
THANK YOU! I should Update my Color Poll...

Thanks Guys,

Somehow I knew Matador Red would find it's way into this thread; also, I'm not surprised that White found its way in too. I've had so many white cars, that's the only reason why I'm not considering it. That may sound crazy, but look at my username; I plea insanity :p. I never liked the black at all in pictures, everything blends together and you lose the lines... but that day when it was all shined up, my God, I just fell in love, but it was probably more for the car itself and driving the vehicle than it was the color. So, now I'd say, black is probably out... I'll probably end up with white again... ;)

Okay, so....... There are a half dozen vehicles on my local Lexus dealerships lot with Matador Red, I can't honestly say I've ever seen a prettier red on any car, however, I couldn't see it in my head on the IS F? I don't know, outside of being a magnet for the police with that flashy red doing 170mph, I'm not sure I'd be able to stay, out of trouble. I do like the Red, but it just doesn't seem like it works on that car, maybe it's the contrast with the pewter wheels.... I think to me, it's too loud (not like the blue loud), but a bit overstated to be 'classy'... Am I making any sense to any of you? Tell me if I'm wrong, for those of you who own Matador Red or have even seen the IS F in that color up close, is it just a phenonimal color?

Would somebody post a photo of an actual IS F in matador red, I'm not sure I've ever seen even a picture? Oh, there's probably a color thread somewhere, right?

Is there a color poll out there too, must be right? So, what is the most popular color? If there's a poll, can you show me it... My guess would be, just looking at how many used ones are out there, Mercury Metallic is probably the winner. Any idea as to why you think there 'are' so many used IS F's out there right now? Is it just our stinkin' economy??

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Here is the poll done a while back:

Hope this is what you were looking for.
In shock...

Wow, I didn't expect that at all... let me just reiterate the results. Here is how the popularity of colors came out; in order of most to least favorite. Remember I came to all of you with Obsedian and Mercury Metallic as what I boiled it down to; most of you who posted didn't like either of those colors... so, then...

I'm assuming that means that if they liked the color they also purchased their vehicle in that color... that seems like a reasonable conclusion. So this list is "probably" more than just about favorite colors but also the proportion of cars that were built and sold in those colors. However, it wold only be a cross section; nevertheless still a good sample. My biggest surprise was one, how high 'black' (Obse...) was, and how low 'silver' (MM), I did think MM would top the chart, boy was I wrong...

#1. -Blue with 42 votes,
#2. -Black with 29 votes,
#3. -White with 26 votes,
#4. -Grey with 21 votes,
#5. -Silver with 15 votes, (Mercury Metallic -hard to believe)
#6. -Red with 11 votes.

Anyway, I don't have the time but if someone could set up another color poll to see if or how things have changed through 2009. Thanks.

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Had A black IS350. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the most difficult car to keep clean and to keep swirls out of. SIMPLY NEVER AGAIN will I own a black car. I LOVE the MM and think, in my humble opinion, that the BBS wheels look best with this color combo.
BLACK, Happy St. Patricks day
I have black and let me tell you that it is a pain in the ass... Every scratch comes up in the sun but when it's clean holy shit it looks hot... you have to go looks versus convenience. Not an easy pick...
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