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I think it's time for you to get an F, follow the heartbeat, 98% of the time it's correct. I also had two Stis before, an '04 2liter JDM and an '07 2.5liter. I had Recaro SRs, ECUTEK re map, Pipercross filter and intake, 3 in exhaust from downpipe with no internal mods doing 310whp. I love the Scooby and have great respect, value for money. I also have an Evo 7 by the way. Anyway, I gave up the Scooby for the ISF, I just couldn't help it.
The first time I saw the ISF thru spy shots a few years back, I said I have to have it, having had an LS400 since 96 and very happy with it.
I have no regrets whatsoever and everytime I drive the F it gives me a smile.
I'm sure it'll do the same to you once you have yours.
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