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New Member - Memphis, TN w/ pics

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the wealth of info on this site, it really made it an easy decision to get the F, of course the other problem is that I want to mod it now. It's taken a little while to post as I've had the car for about a month and a half. It's GREAT!!!!!!!! I can't get enough. I thought I would miss a manual in a car like this but this slushbox is amazing! Easy cruising but ready to go at a moments notice with the flick of a paddle.:D

I wanted to give a shout to Doug Greenup at Lexus of Dayton (he’s a sponsor on this site) as he really helped me out in getting the F. After searching around on the forums and finding the deals that other people were getting I went to my local dealer but they didn't want to deal. I called up Doug, told him what I was looking for and he found it for me (They didn't have the car in inventory). I needed to sell me old truck to get the IS-F and Doug ended up taking it as a trade-in sight unseen (I sent pictures) which really helped as selling to a private party would have taken some time plus the car needed some cosmetic work (not to mention the tax savings of $800). And just when you thought that was good service, Doug even drove the car down to Memphis for me and picked up my trade and drove it back:eek:!!!! 8 hours each way! Saved me at least a grand in transportation costs as I didn't have the time to go pick up the car myself. It was great personal service and I never stepped into the dealership. We signed the paperwork at my house and Doug went over the entire car with me.

So far I've added the OEM iPod interface, tint (35% front and rear), and VentureSheild. The installer, Joe from Word of Mouth Detailing did an awesome job. I had the headlights, foglights, bumper, partial hood (didn't have a sheet large enough for the entire hood), door cups, and rear bumper done as part of the kit. Joe then made custom front fenders with full coverage, full coverage mirrors (not the small pieces from the kit), also covered the entire side skirts starting right behind the front tire, and even the are behind the rear wheel for rock chips, etc... He followed the body lines beautifully so you hardly notice the edges. I tried to take pics, but there hard to see. Oh yeah, he also covered the interior silver carbon fiber pieces on the center console and doors to prevent scratches, you can't even tell their there.

As for future mods, I plan to do some simple lighting mods, fog lights, DRL/highbeam, interior LED, then maybe the Joe Z intake and exhaust. Wish I could hear it first though.

Anyway, on to the pics....

Before Tint and Clearbra

And here's after tint

Clearbra covers entire fender, the edge is right along the seam below the "F" logo

Full coverage mirrors. again the edge follows the seam so you can't see it

Rear rocker, clearbra in a small strip follows the lines behind the wheel.

Let me know what you think!

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Your car looks really nice. Welcome and congrats on your new F!

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
thanks again for the business! I genuinely appreciate the opportunity. I developed another level of appreciation for the IS-F when making the drive to Memphis from Dayton Ohio. It is an unbelievable car to say the least. I am confident that you will provide a wealth of knowledge to the forum based on your love of the features of the F. I look forward to your posts. The VentureShiled looks great too! Thank you.
Congrats on the Car, and way to go Doug !!! That's awesome Customer Service !!!
Sweet ride, and welcome aboard! Silver really does a wonderful job showing the lines fo the car!
Thanks everyone and Doug, now get on those brake pads, the dust is killing me!
Yes Sir! The word on the Hawk pads is end of April, I will keep the other thread updated as I know more for sure!

Welcome to this site as well Rob! I didn't notice the Longhorn flag to begin with, are you a big UT fan?
Thanks Mike,

Yeah, UT grad '01, Hook'em!!! I'm actually going to be in Austin this weekend. You going to be around? Would love to check out the ride to see and hear the Joe Z products.
Thanks Mike,

Yeah, UT grad '01, Hook'em!!! I'm actually going to be in Austin this weekend. You going to be around? Would love to check out the ride to see and hear the Joe Z products.

Unfortunately I'm out of town for the holiday. When do you leave Austin? You have a PM over on CL :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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