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New Member just joined 10-19-07

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Greetings to everyone! Just discovered this site today. Been following the IS-F's development a bit and will be looking for a new daily driver to replace my 13 year old Land Cruiser in the next 12 months. I think the IS-F may have risen to the top of my list!:D

Looking forward to great info on this car.
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Awesome, and welcome to the forum!

How did you happen to run across this site?
Welcome I am also wondering how you found us.
I was doing so research on my next car. Looking at the Acura RL A-Spec and the IS 350. For some reason I ended up on and saw the story on the IS-F and started searching on the IS-F which lead me here.

Great thing is my wife is okay with the IS-F. So I'm putting off buying another car for now until I get a chance to test out the IS-F.
welcome! don't you just love the internet?
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