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Hi im Will in charlotte nc, I drive a first gen IS with just an intake and some old school 19inch Racing Harts. I also have a road race preped 94 civic hb and a 07 Honda Element on 22s for my vehicle with some room. I do all kinds of custom work on all sorts of cars for a living but am a speed obsessed import man at heart. A friend of mine has a 09 IS-f that I am currently working on. I have installed for him some 19 inch SSR 3 piece wheels, Ventross front lip and rear diffuser, Blitz throttle control system and a set of hid's for the fog lights. We have on order set of BC full treaded body coilovers that should be here soon. Im always looking to learn more about what parts and mods works well on the IS and can let u know about the things we try.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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