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New Member Hoping to be Owner NAV ?

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I'm looking for an 08 or 09 IS F, and have found one I'm interested in, but it doesn't have NAV. Anyone added NAV after market? If so, how integrated can one get, or would I be stuck with a portable unit plugged into the dash? Thanks for the help!


Dallas, TX
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Welcome to the site.

I think it would be more money and a bigger pain to buy an F without Nav then trying to have the factory unit installed. You would be better off buying with it in already or gettting an aftermarket Nav system installed, although the aftermarket system won't be as intergrated as the ML system.

Personally I wouldn't buy without the ML/NAV.
If you found an ISF without nav, you've found a very rare automobile indeed. When I was looking for mine (back in '08), I think I find two on the internet, located in the east that did not have nav. I would have preferred it that way. But since I have nav, and the backup camera, I have learned to like it. I don't use the nav function, I use the nav function on my phone, but it's nice to have the screen, and the back-up camera is great. My wife's ES does not have nav, a big mistake on my part. She comments on my camera whenever she's in my car:mad:

As far as aftermarket is concerned, Fly Audio has an integrated unit, but there are lots of complaints from owners because they do not upgrade the software. IMHO, nav is nice, but for me, it would not be a deal breaker. It's a great car, and the lack of nav. should be a big plus as far as price is concerned.

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