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New Member here In Philly Pa

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I just picked up my brand new 08 IsF last month and found out about this website today. Very excited to find more Info on this car.
Yeah, I already put in 3000K hid
Purchased the car on 5/8/09 and got it tinted a few days afterwards
Just installed my K and N intake on 4 days ago and loving it, took it to the track last night and wasnt too too happy with my tires.. 13.1 @110mph :mad:
My Ebay special Roof spoiler, fits perfect and cant complain for $60 shipped
Putting in my 6000k Hid bulb upgrade and intake install at the same time.
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Welcome to the club! How do you like your IS F so far.
It is looking good. I bought mine in March same color and everything. I'm in Lancaster. Looks like you have done all the mods that I have been wanting to do. I see that you put in 6K. Where do you pick those up at? Maybe you could walk me through the install?
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