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Would someone in NorCal mind chatting with me over IM about the ISF? I just went to the Lexus dealership last night to test drive it. To be honest, I wasn't in the market for an ISF, simply because I thought the price was too high. However, the salesmen said they are going for about $60-61k OTD with the ML system.

At that price, I am not sure if I can resist.

1) What kind of prices should I expect for OTD?
2) I don't really care for that silver carbon fibre, can I get a different color?
3) How well is all the software integration?
4) Does the iphone connect to it, and can you control it from the screen?

As far as performance is concerned, it's not bad. Certainly not as much grunt as I expected, but I suppose it is still luxury first, then performance. Handling was a little soft, but I am comparing this to the M3, or my tuned g35 coupe. I took it around the turn from 85 -> 280 just for a quick handling test.

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Thank you flipside909 for your input. I finally decided to buy a used 08 ISF in USB. It has the nav, assisted cruise control, parking sensors, and to my surprise Satellite Radio.

Quickly hard wired my v1, and purchased the Data System / R-Spec override kit.

First impressions...

1) The ML audio system is very disappointing. There is way too much high's, not enough mid range. I found the following settings to help out, but the high's are still too much. I went from a crappy Bose system in my G35 to this, and very disappointed.

a) Turned on ASL
b) Sound is set two notches back instead of center
c) Low is 3 up, mid is 2 up, high is 1 up. (all from neutral / center)
d) Turned off surround sound (this made biggest difference with the high's)

2) Notice my avg gas millage is 17 (mixed freeway & city).

3) I am getting used to the silver carbon fiber trim, it is growing on me.

4) They should have integrated the maintenance timers with the on-board computer along with the one in the nav.

5) I am not sure that I really care about having 8 gears, it does seem a bit much. I would have to agree with Top Gear's assessment about it.

6) They should have used wider wheels in the rear (maybe 9.5) so it looks a bit more aggressive in the rear to match the front.

Overall, I am very happy with the car. Though I am getting used to not having a clutch. I think I would have loved this car more, if it was stick shift. The interior is beautiful, when you compare it to the M3, or Mercedes C63. I love all the little subtle LED lights in the car. The only thing that I thought the M3 did a better job with, was the integration of the seat belts. How slick is it to have it handed to you.

Now I need to find an exhaust to replace the stupid fake quad, add some sway bars, and change the tire setup to 245/30 & 275/30.
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