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New member, Dallas TX

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As I said, I'm a new member. Just bought a 2010 ISF. Black on black. I CANNOT get enough of this car. I'm loving it more and more each time a I drive.

With that being said. I have been reading forums obviously. I need some help. What can I do to my car to beef it up a bit. I want to make it a bit peppier..if you will.

I'm thinking an exhaust to start...Either a Borla or a JoeZ seems to be the choices. Now, I don't want to get too crazy..This is my daily-driver as well.
I'm also thinking of an air-intake as well.
What else should I think about doing? Is there anyone local here in the DFW area that has done some things to theirs?

Thanks again, and glad to be here...

Ride on,

[email protected]
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An intake won't do much if anything for more pep. About the only things left are exhaust and headers (or NOS). There's an ongoing discussion over on club lexus on Joe Z vs Borla. Joe is a frequent forum contributor and NO ONE has anything negative to say about his exhaust or customer service.
As far as the exhaust most people run JoeZ, Borla, and ISS. They all have their pros/cons, but I'm really liking ISS new DES street setup. I've heard it in person and there is no drone inside the cab, which is a big + for me.

Intakes are still in the air. Some people lose hp, while some gain...confusing

Headers are the biggest whp gainers. Sikky and PPE make headers for our cars .

After saying all this, Welcome to the forum and now search
Welcome! You will have to bring your car to Cars and Coffee at Classic BMW in Plano as it is quite an event. You may already be familiar with it but it is the first Saturday of each month.
Welcome to the forume. You will love the car, No Doubt!!!
Thank you thank you!

Fellow forum friends,

Thank you very much for the replies. I also must say, sorry for the delay. Had to travel a bit. I'm 33y/o and currently fighting cancer. This car was a present to myself. I really want to make it more "fun". (If possible) So thank you all very much for taking the time to reply to this....

I will take all advice and input and apply it to good use!


Feel free to reach out at anytime!
Get a K&N Typhoon intake for the sheer noise :) After that headers and exhaust but that can get expensive. Enjoy.
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